Mineral Research & Development has been manufacturing inorganic chemicals and producing metallic salts for the past fifty years, and is one of the largest producers of zinc chloride. The Galvanizing Industry can now benefit from this experience with our PREACT™ Galvanizing Fluxes.

PREACT™, as part of the galvanizing process, helps coat steel with zinc—providing excellent corrosion resistance properties. PREACT™ is also available with special additives such as foaming and wetting agents to provide specific performance characteristics.

Typical applications of PREACT™ include fabricated and non-fabricated products such as structural members and assemblies, pipe and tubular products, continuous strip, wire and fence.

Our broad PREACT™ Flux Product Line is backed by years of technical research and service that assure quality application. Mineral Research & Development is dedicated to maintaining rigid control programs which consistently provide high quality products. To guarantee availability, we maintain long term inventories of raw materials at manufacturing facilities in Harrisburg, North Carolina and Freeport, Texas. PREACT™ fluxes produced in Freeport, Texas, USA are manufactured to meet ISO 9002 certification standards.

Strict environmental controls play an important role in all Mineral Research & Development product lines. PREACT™ is no exception. It meets the most critical restrictions. Products are always shipped in DOT approved containers by truck and rail.

Mineral Research & Development recognizes the importance of the Technical Societies serving the Galvanizing Industry, and is always ready to lend support to them.

PREACT™ Granular and Liquid Fluxes for Batch Galvanizing

General Purpose Fluxes


Preflux use:

  • provides uniform and fast wetting of base metals
  • activates base metals rapidly
  • disperses contaminants such as oils or lubricants
  • drains rapidly from metal surfaces
  • promotes fast drying thus increasing production
  • provides maintenance for top flux through preflux layer carried on work surfaces

PREACT™ BG-F top flux use:

  • contains a foaming agent
  • decreases fuming
  • produces a long lasting foam blanket
  • conserves ammonium chloride by absorption in foam
  • provides activity for long periods
  • maintains fluidity of foam blanket
  • requires less flux addition thus lowering costs

PREACT™ BG top flux use:

  • produces a very fluid top flux
  • contacts all work surfaces quickly
  • activates work surfaces quickly and effectively
  • permits easier work entry through top flux surfaces

High Activity Fluxes:

  • provide the most activity of the product line
  • have similar composition, except PREACT™ HA-F contains a foaming agent which provides a foam blanket with all the benefits described for PREACT™ BG-F
  • are used alone to produce top fluxes or to maintain top fluxes from PREACT™ BG and PREACT BG-F at higher activity
  • dissolve contaminants in top flux to decrease viscosity for improved fluidity
  • adjust activity of less active fluxes by periodic addition to top flux or preflux
  • adjust preflux balance of zinc to ammonia to compensate for use of zinc slabs to neutralize excess acidity
  • replace ammonium chloride products for top flux use, thus minimizing zinc loss from the kettle and excessive fuming

Minimal Fuming Flux:

  • is used for aqueous preflux, molten salt preflux, or top flux
  • is the least fuming of all flux products and meets strict environmental standards
  • provides thin fluid top flux
  • is ideal for basket work
  • activity is increased by addition of some active flux

Special Purpose Flux:

  • is a dry blending component for various flux formulations
  • is also used for continuous strip galvanizing
  • is useful for preflux as a liquid DB-L or top flux in dry form as DB (for batch galvanizing)
  • provides the same features as PREACT™ BG; however it is somewhat less active, therefore it fumes less