Galvanizing is an essential metal finishing process that provides long term corrosion protection on steel. In order for steel to be properly galvanized, a rust or oxide-free steel surface must be available for the molten zinc to correctly metallurgically alloy with the steel structure being galvanized. MRD manufactures a full line of galvanizing fluxes, under the tradename PREACT™, which have been specifically designed to insure a rust or oxide-free steel surface prior to galvanizing. MRD’s extensive line of PREACT™ galvanizing fluxes are available in granular or solution forms suitable for all types of galvanizing operations (i.e., structural, wire, pipe, strip, hardware, etc.). PREACT™ fluxes are available in foaming, non-foaming, minimal fuming, and other specialty grades.

In addition to MRD’s PREACT™ line of galvanizing fluxes, we also provide the galvanizing industry with Ammonium Chloride and Zinc Chloride. MRD is an ISO 9002 certified manufacturer of galvanizing fluxes and is an active member of the American Galvanizers Association (AGA) and Galvanizers Association.

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