Metal solutions are a unique specialty of MRD. Nitrate and chloride solutions of zinc, magnesium, calcium, manganese and copper are widely used to provide essential elements in plant growth and animal feed supplements. MRD micronutrients may be added to fertilizer, feed, or sprayed directly on crops. MRD’s micronutrient products consist of the following:

Micronutrient Products

Calcium Nitrate Solution 11.3% Ca MSDS Spec
Copper Ammonia Solution 8% Cu MSDS Spec
Copper Nitrate Solution 14% Cu MSDS Spec
Magnesium Chloride Solution 7.6% Mg MSDS Spec
Magnesium Nitrate Solution 6.3% Mg MSDS Spec
Manganese Chloride Solution 16.8% Mg MSDS Spec
Manganese Nitrate Solution 15% Mn MSDS Spec
Zinc Chloride Solution 24% Zn MSDS Spec
Zinc Chloride Solution 30% Zn MSDS Spec
Zinc Nitrate Solution 17% Zn MSDS Spec