Quality Statement

ISO 9002 Certificate # 0158

MRD strives for the very best in quality performance in our people, products and services.  MRD recognizes that only by providing true ongoing quality performance for our customers today will we ensure our customers’ success in the future. Everyone at MRD understands that the quality we provide our customers is not in what we say it is, but rather what our customers tell us it is. Only through close association with our customers can we better understand their present and future markets, needs and expectations.

MRD’s success depends on its customer driven philosophy. We recognize that everything we do should be evaluated in terms of the satisfaction it brings our customers. MRD will never assume we know our customers’ needs. We will ask our customers their expectations. MRD will continuously improve its processes to reduce variations and inconsistencies. We will not assume our customers shall remain satisfied with today’s level of products and service. MRD recognizes as we operate in a more and more sophisticated marketplace that our customers expect improvements. This is the essence of MRD’s commitment to be customer driven.